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Computing > Make Microsoft Remote Desktop A Portable App

Microsoft Remote Desktop is one of those great day-to-day tools that I use quite often. If you use multiple Windows computers in different locations, it allows you to connect to them and use them as if you were sitting directly in front of them. If you access computers remotely from guest machines where you use portable apps, you can make Remote Desktop a portable application with relative ease.

To make Remote Desktop a portable app, you will need to copy four files from your Windows system.  Two of them, mstc.exe and mstscax.dll are located in theC:\WINDOWS\system32 directory.

The other two, mstsc.exe.mui and mstscax.dll.mui, are located in a subdirectory withinC:\WINDOWS\system32. The name of the subdirectory will depend on the language and locale of the Windows system you are using. If your language is English and you are in the USA, they will be located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\en-us.

When you copy the files to your drive, you will want to replicate this structure. Let’s say you are in the USA, your portable drive is Y:, and your portable apps reside inY:\PortableApps. You can create a new Folder in PortableApps calledY:\PortableApps\RemoteDesktop

Within the RemoteDesktop directory, you would create a subdirectory with your locale. If you have an English installation in the USA, create a subdirectory called en-us. Then copymstsc.exe and mstscax.dll into RemoteDesktop and mstsc.exe.mui, andmstscax.dll.mui into en-us.